The event named after the lord of dance himself, is where splendor and passion are to be seen in every step. All forms of dance from contemporary to classical, bollywood to folk, jazz to duet, we have it all! Come and dance to the Oblivion.


Change your look and attitude and get into the senses of crowd to leave a mark which can never be wiped off whether it be of some lingering social issue or nostalgic entertainment punch.


For all the budding bands of the western music it’s high time to break into the professional circuit. Form impeccable combination rock and metal music to leave the crowd astonished.


Through the ambrosial flavours of the Indian music let the music say the words and Jolt the world with your euphony voice and/or prodigious instrumentation.


Here's all about fashion & design, poses & postures, trends & lifestyle. At Mirage, we celebrate and exalt the dimension of style, class and extravaganza.


Delve deep into art to explore its magical, decorative and delightful aspects! Let your creativity flush your life with myriad hues and shades!


For all the quizzing buffs and enthusiasts, here are the set of quiz events to satisfy your craving for knowledge! Outsmart other competitors by the prowess of your brain by cracking a plethora of questions of diverse genres.


Acknowledge the might of your literary skills by competing in this series of events that includes extempore, debate, word games, creative writing and poetry. Deploy your wisdom to prove your literary acumen through Samwaad.


Capturing the moments and transforming them into memories for life is something we all cherish. Unleash the hidden billionaire movie maker inside you, get the lights into action and set the camera rolling to shoot the after movie as a creative short film.