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- The Dramatics Events

"Abhinay is the event where participants showcase their dramatic and theatrical skills. Many sub-eventscome under the umbrella of Abhinay, which give ample opportunities to budding artists to potray theiremotions through various acts on stage. Moreover, they also provide a very effective platform tohighlight the social taboos and issues that plague our society in a bold and vivid manner".


- The Indian Music Event

"Bandish is an event that brings together the myriad hues of Indian Music. It seeks to bring out the budding maestros of Indian music who can mesmerize the audience with their musical brilliance. Its various events include solo singing, duets, band performances, and original compositions. It is the perfect platform for any music enthusiast to witness and perform in front of a massive audience. ”


– The Western Music Band Event

“Crosswinds is the western music event which is a remarkable blend of different genres of rock and metal music. The bands that perform on the stage of Crosswindz always leavee the crowd yearning for more. It witnesses a massive audience as it offers an enthralling experience full of headbangs, fast riffs, melodious intros, and soulful outros! Looking forward to seeing you there! ”


– The Dance Event

“Natraj is a dance competition aimed at providing the best platform to young as well as experienced dancers to show their talents. Their smooth transitions, awesome moves and breathtaking stunts never fail to enchant the audience! Natraj includes various events like a group dance, solo performance, duet and folk dance. Do not miss this one! ”


– The Lifestyle Event

“Mirage is a lifestyle event which aims to unveil the latest trends in the fashion industry. This glamorous event comprises of models hitting the ramp in trending fashionable attires, showcasing the best works. Their confidence, attitude, and the way they handle themselves leave the audience in awe! ”


– The Quiz Event

“Enquizta is a quiz competition which jogs our gray matter. The quiz event boasts of enthusiastic participation from all nooks and corners of India. The event consists of quizzes like the Great India Quiz and is a test of zeal, knowledge, skill and determination. ”


– The literary Event

“Samvaad is a competition comprising of bilingual debates, elocution, extempore speeches and creative writing events. This event follows the dictum that states that words are the most profound way of expressing emotions and ideas. Samvaad is bilingual in nature and sees an exchange of highly intellectual ideas. So put on your thinking caps, and get ready for this literary delight! ”


– The Fine Arts Event

“Toolika, the fine arts contest of Kashiyatra, fosters the magic of art. It is a competition that illuminates the beauty and elegance of various art forms and encourages their fusion to give birth to new creative styles. It boasts of several creative events like T-shirt painting, paper dressmaking, blows painting, soap carving and many more. So ignite your artistic passion, and get those paintbrushes ready! ”