"Talent is not rare but the opportunity to showcase it is".
Kashiyatra unfolds "Bliss - Group Dance Competition" where synchronity, energy and creativity unfolds themselves and the satge echoes with the thud of your steps, diverse with every leg yet unified with every beat.


Natraj is the name of Shiva that symbolises dance; the dynamic and static divine flow of energy. It lets you dive deep into the oceans, swim without hurdles and breathe freely.

So loosen up yourself and go solo on the stage as Kashiyatra unveils to you "Cut-A-Rug - Solo Dance Competition."

Come into an alliance with your partner and arm yourselves with all the grooves and moves, and prove it to us that you got what it takes to be a doublet for each other dancing against the world.
The fabric of Indian dance is woven together from strands of regional dance forms. Bring out the pride that you take in your culture. Be it the energetic Bhangra or the titillating Garbha, be vibrant, be cultural. Come, be a part of this cultural panorama and conquer the competition!