"The trouble is you think you have time" - Buddha.
Well, you don't! This contest pitches your creativity against the cruel boundaries of time. We decide the rules of the game. We decide when the bell rings. But it's only you who sets the limits of your imagination and creativity.


“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” and “Colours are the best form of expression”. Wouldn't you agree? Show us your creativity by using brushes, toothbrushes your fingers etc. to paint but without using a pencil to sketch. Can you beat the twist?


"l saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." – Michelangelo. Though carving a stone is tough, what's easy is carving soap. And that's why we give you the "soap". Just carve your creativity out on these mundane pieces of soap and transform them into pieces of art.


"Daag achche hote hai" Get those spotless white T-Shirts and spoil them. Yeah, you heard it right, put colour on them, soil them, and spoil them. Use paints. Use brushes. Use your hands. It doesn't matter. Just funk them up. Add life to those boring whites. Coz life is too short for boring T-Shirts!



"A sketch is just a mini movie". It's a simple sketching competition based on one's creativity to bring out liveliness in inanimate objects. Roam around the entire campus and sketch whatever, whoever you like in this amazing competition.


"Fashion is art and you are the canvas"- Velvet Paper. So, wake up the Coco Chanel inside you and let your creativity do the talking. Weave out art and style with the fabrics of your imagination and yeah – “paper”.


As kids we liked playing with clay. We were fascinated by the way we could mould clay into anything we want. But somewhere as we grew up, we lost those small joys of life that could be found in things like clay modelling. So, here's a chance to relive those joyous days. We'll provide you with clay. You just become the clay artist you once were, when you were young.